You may have forgotten something along the way,that doesn’t mean it is all over.There is so much time left and Today is a new day with new sunshine.. too begin a brand new may have disappointed people but aren’t we all?we all disappointed someone we care about.we all messes up,lets people down,It is OK.You can still be capable and remember once you had dream which were real and compelling,but sometimes the timing is not quite right,it doesn’t mean it was false,just in case you think you are not worth it.just put your hand  upon your heart and do you hear the sound,yes!You are alive.So live the life you have dreamed of,Took one step towards your dream today,the road towards heaven can be only reach through hell.Took a deep breath and imagine the best version of yourself and that is who you are,run,fall,breathe,live,you are not going to live forever.Promise yourself that the road is long ahead and you are coming to home smiling

,live the happy life that is meant for you.Today is a great day to decide,no one is going to do it for you.please please do it sweet girl.You are very much loved…😃(photo credit=to the owner which I don’t know)


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