I have not been writing for long time,excuses or can i say my laziness maybe.I think guys it is somehow true that it is easy to start something,then continuing a blog is a big deal.To my 5 followers please pardon me for being such a crap.I should be thankful to you for giving me the chance to express myself,As i am not so good in English.But i stared this blog with a view that i will capture my life’s every moment  through writing and photography which i love the most.Coming to my current position,I am admitted to college,I have decided to do my English honors from Jogomaya devi college in kolkata(ofcourse).My college is about to start from 26th july.I am now excited and nervous,I am going to a whole new life.and guys start trust me i am so honored that i got this platform to share my journey to college,New friends,and i promise i will stop being such a hypocrite sometimes,I WILL BE BLOGGING OFTEN FROM NOW A DAYS.GUYS WITHOUT WRITING AND SHARING MY JOURNEY,MY LIFE IS SO DULL.SEE YAA.and all the lovely people please don’t hesitate to tell me my mistakes,I am just a learner,i would love to know my mistakes and rectify it and give you some good sort of writing.Good night and stay happy.


24 thoughts on “Sorry!

      1. Sorry sagar but reading your last post,I am quite hurt.Is this about me?I always reply to you in English because i am doing a degree in English honors and i need to improve my english,And this blog helps me to do so.


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