I am too young too give any advice too anyone,I don’t think i am a good adviser or something.I just try to speak my heart out,just how sometimes My own advice helps me and sometime i make mistakes also.Some people get disheartned too easily because they think one mistakes can ruin their whole life,They should be told by someone it is ok to make mistakes sometimes,because we are all humans at the end of the day.You can make mistakes but still be capable and talented.If you want to persue the life you dreamed,the life you want for yourself,you have to accept that sometimes life is gonna be hard,sometimes you will be broken too.But this is life,you don’t know when things will change,we can’t predict the future.This is an adventage that we don’t know tomorrow,because that’s why it is said to live your every moment like it is last breath of yours.you know we all do mistakes,Either you can learn from your mistakes nor you are too weak.


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