The scene is so breathtaking.The place is within the meadows,no sound of horns,so pure,I am wearing a white dress,my hair is floating with the air of freshly chilly mountain air,I am lying on the soft bed of nature,my feats are touching the blooming flowers, I am resting my head on his cheast,our legs are crossed within each others legs.He is reading a book and i am just listening to his voice soft but so touching,his voice makes me smile,makes myself love with him even more.Then suddenly he looks at me,and slaped on my face saying that i cheated him with him another boy,i wanted to say this is not true but he kept walking away from me,i am screaming’Amay!Amay!Don’t leave me sona’,’please,I love you! Trust me!’ but he is like vanished in the blooming sunlight,All the light of the meadows seems darkness for me.A sudden sound awakens me,oh god am i dreaming?crap,it is only 4:00 am.I am sweating badly,same dream every night,I looked blankly towards the window and wipe out the tears from my eyes.Why?Amay why?you leave me like this?when you said the the three promising words to me,I belived it was forever,it sounds so perfect like the disney movies’Happily ever after’.But then you are always the kind of person  caring too much about society,what should i wear,what should i eat,where to look or where to not,’behave yourself”what are you wearing?’and all the stupid things which has nothing to do to our releationship.But you said me i love you every second but did you really meant that?1000 questions,no answers. Amay I remember when you broke up you said that ‘You will regret your decision lifetime and a fatty like you ever get boyfriend’.I just smiled at you and told you’lets life decide what will i get?’.It feels like yesterday when you walk off through my apartment.It’s been 1 year since he has gone.Long time,hurtful memories get light when i remember you.I have to go to morning walk.I gather myself and with a cold splash of water i try to wipe out your memories as much as possible.I wear my sky blue tracking suit and started walking out of house,Leaving him done some good things to me,I become more careful to my health and loss 18 kgs in 1 year.A breakups has benifits also,See. I turned more strong and getting strong by each day.                                  A story of a girl we can releate to,her struggles,her never dying spirit,her cry,her moan,her laugh.I don’t know whether i am going to finish this story or not bit i belive this is just the begining.wait,the story is full of surprises as our lives.Tell me your views in the comment chapter is coming soon.Thank you.


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