Do what that gives you happiness,chase your dreams.Do it now,Tomorrow is valuable when you make your better.If you feel bad today thinking about tomorrow,what will and how things would come up.Hey!wait a minute one thing always remember you don’t know tomorrow,the thing in your hand is only today,live your dreams,be with the one you want to be,forgetting about how long you will be together,just hold the hand and love them like you are gonna lose them.we all don’t know tomorrow, it’s like a curtain of frost on a winter evening,its invisible.Don’t take life too seriously because we are not going to live value today each an every moment,the tiny seconds.This is the moment when we have the power to change the world,I don’t know about the recreation fact but i know i have only this life with lots of opportunities to be me,to be different because that’s the purpose man is sent alone to earth.i would love hear  your comments.thank you.sayani kundu


2 thoughts on “Do what your heart want to do

  1. Please keep the font size within readable limits!
    Throughout the blog i was just scrolling down after each sentence. Because of the font, your content goes for a toss! Content otherwise is laudable and stupendous. But just see how you’re presenting it!

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